2020 Enclave Audio CineHome PRO 5.1 Wireless Home Theater Surround Sound – CineHub Edition Bundle | THX Certified | 24 Bit Dolby Digital & DTS | WiSA Certified

THX CERTIFIED Founded by George Lucas in 1983 THX is world renowned as the definition of world class audio and video experiences THX Certification is reserved for only the best products that offer uncompromising quality performance and consistency The Enclave CineHome Pro is proud to be the world’s first WiSA compatible THX Certified system
PLUG AND PLAY HIGH DEFINITION 5. 1 WIRELESS HOME THEATER – While setting up in minutes with the simplicity of a soundbar the THX Certified CineHome Pro CineHub Edition cost-saving bundle offers a complete home theater solution with the Enclave CineHub wireless transmitter boxed together along with 6 separate modern design and customed tuned Enclave 600mm speakers. The result is a World’s First WiSA Certified/THX Certified wireless home theater solution that is not just heard but experienced. Driven by powerful 24 Bit perfectly tuned class-D amps the CineHome pro delivers crisp clear and room filling THX Certified 5. 1 HD surround sound without the need for speaker wires, wireless routers, or audio/video receivers.
COMPATIBLE WITH ANY MODERN TV USING A SIMPLE ONE CABLE SETUP Just one cable from the Enclave CineHub to your TV is all you need. The CineHub is equipped with eARC* (update Q1 2020), ARC, and Optical connections for quick and easy cabling. Set your TV audio output settings to the appropriate audio output and you’re done!