9 Pack Pops Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Socket Mount Base, pop-tech VHB 3M Sticker Pads for Phone Collapsible Grip & Stand Back – 9pcs 35mm Double Sided Tapes & 4pcs Alcohol Prep Pads

9 Pack Pops Sticky Adhesive for Socket Base – Plenty of sticker adhesives extra strong as backup is exclusively designed for socket mount. This pack of big adhesive replacement is a must-have to allow you to re-attach socket to phone cases for extending the life of your socket mount without having to buy a whole new socket. Perfect replacement kits for socket users!
Genuine 3M Adhesive Pads – The best vhb sticky tapes for phone collapsible grip we provide is with high temperature resistance and stronger stickiness features. Great replacement stickers for reapplying your socket. It can hold your socket securely in place and sticks well on the phone. Enjoying the replacement stickers for your socket adhesive perfectly.
Alcohol Prep Pads Provided – The replacement kit comes with alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces before applying. If you plan to use the replacement kit over time you may need additional alcohol prep pads for cleaning solution. Make sure the mounting surface and socket mount base is cleaned completely before applying a new adhesive.