TV Antenna, 2020 Latest Digital HD Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Amplified 200 Miles with Amplifier Signal Booster-Support 4K 1080P Channels and All TVs Digital Antenna-17ft Coax Cable/USB Power Adapter

【HD LOCAL CHANNELS】Feeling annoyed about weak signals and blurred pictures? Cut the cord and enjoy 150Miles Range Digital Antenna! FREE HD network program including ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox ect… With TS-ANT Amplified Digital TV Antenna you can pull in favorite shows for free without monthly bills or subscription; Supporting a variety of signal transmission such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p 2K and even 4K HD. GENUINE HD TV ANTENNA, HIGH QUALITY!!!
【STRONGEST SIGNAL RECEPTION】Super distance reception, 80-150miles range! Advanced Smart Booster optimizes the best signal transmission Protection against interference with other signals, which provide added range and maximum signal reception for more channels even you are far away broadcast towers. Switchable amplifier can be adjusted to fit different range. Below 45 miles, Turn the Yellow light on! Above 45 miles, Turn the green light on!!!
【SIMPLE FUNCTIONAL DESIGN】Circle Flat, Strange and Beautiful! You can put it where you want or hang it. It receives Local free channels, and decorate home life. HDTV digital antennas make home life simple and convenient, and imagine high-definition quality smart boost technology to attract signal direction. The TV tower is far away and your signal is nearby. Bright White interface and high-quality graphic design give A Superior Technical Experience!!!